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Oct. 23rd, 2022

Garys book YBOP has been very important for me. It made me realize just how out of control my porn use was and more importantly that I could improve my situation by cutting it out. I was suffering from a whole host of physical health problems, which I thought was simply something I had to live with. I had never thought it could be related to porn. At 31 years having been addicted for probably 13 years I thought my life was over, I had nothing to look forward to: a shitty job i hated, no dating, very few friends, alone most of the times, feeling like an utter failure with most likely undiagnosed depression and anxiety.

I have started my journey of recovery. It has been hard with a lot of setbacks but overall I am confident that I am moving forward. I have started the education I always wanted to do, I have more close friends than I have ever had, I do all sorts of great activities. I still struggle with dating, but I believe it is something that will get better with time and practice. Also most of my physical health problems are completely gone.

So yeah, just a greeting from another soul that Garys work touched.