Jun. 14th, 2021

Gary’s legacy to me is giving people a wake up call that our new digital age is exposing blind spots in our psyche. We are vulnerable to having our preferences swayed, to having our behaviors changed. Gary helped people understand that one of those vulnerabilities is through our own sex drive. An entire digital marketplace for sex sprung up with the rise of the internet. And with it was a choir of people defending this new porn paradise, declaring it a new frontier of human sexual exploitation. Gary was the first person I heard who spoke of the concerns, not from a moralistic perspective, but from a biological one. Gary was a pioneer in questioning whether one’s relationship to endless sexual stimulation might have hazards that had yet been unconsidered. We know that many questions still need answers, that the research is only just getting started. Gary helped bring that knowledge to the average person, to help others understand that their behaviors may infact be detrimentally impacted by porn use. His work has helped me, and through his legacy I will help others break habitual porn consumption and get their lives back. Thank you, Gary