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Rafael Rossi

May. 24th, 2021

Gary not only had the insight to associate the neurochemical theory of addiction with the consumption of pornography, but also the courage to promote these discoveries amidst various criticisms, persecutions and a decadent academic community, blind and attached to old and useless paradigms.

Pursued by the porn industry and alleged colleagues who call themselves "scientists", he has spent the last few years basically defending himself from offenses, lawsuits and slander.

Despite not having received all the credit he deserves in life, he did the main thing, that is, the practical and useful part of showing the truth on a subject hitherto surrounded by prejudices, pseudo theories and quackery. And with that attitude, it has impacted millions of lives, including mine.

Here is the record of my eternal gratitude and good wishes to this man and his family.

Rafael Rossi