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Ruan Marins

Sep. 21st, 2021

Thanks to Gary Wilson for discovering through studies on neuroplasticity that it is possible to restore the brain to its natural sensitivity through reboot and thanks to this discovery I am struggling to stop pornography once and for all because I have been addicted to pornography for now. 5 years, I haven't completed this porn abstinence experiment yet but I've achieved abstinence records of 26 days, 48 ​​days and 63 days, feeling more energetic, free time and feeling good about myself. Gary Wilson you were and continue to be a leader in the fight against pornography addiction which is a biological and evolutionary failure due to a disturbance in the brain's reward system, I wish you to rest in peace and that your family, friends, colleagues and the your dog be comforted and comforted for his loss! I am a 23 year old Brazilian who is eagerly awaiting the Brazilian Portuguese version you are writing of Your Brain On Porn!