Enis Kurban & Bahadır Kılınç

May. 22nd, 2021

Gary's pass is a great loss and upsetting event for us we as two people who are recovering porn addicts from Turkey. We never had opportunity to know Gary personally, we are miles away and have different culture but we always have good memories about him, inside of our brains and hearts,
to the person who put all the information and raised awareness about pornography addiction.

We can't describe how many times we have discussed Gary B. Wilson's great work and his amazing website, YBOP. No doubt he changed people's lives with the light of science. He always will be well known with bringing all of the perspective and introducing scientic approach about internet pornography addiction's potential negative effects to among the world.

Thanks Gary, for everything. You, as a teacher for us, will be missed forever. Rest in peace...