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Efklidis Oikonomidis

May. 27th, 2021

I was just under 20 when i discovered my PIED problem. I searched on youtube for answers, his ted-x video was one of the first videos I ever saw about porn-addiction. Since then (March 2019) i have watched that video a handful of times. Quitting porn addiction is not something easy and I couldn't believe what I would go through up until today. Gary Wilson's video had all the answers an addict is looking for, in just one video. I was from the lucky ones who found answers immediately due to Gary Wilson's video. Looking at his photo while writing this, I would like to say :

Thank you for your work, for your contribution and the information you provided us for free. Thank you

Rest in peace, your legacy will live for ever, like a fire that will bring light to the new addicts

Efklidis 22, from Greece