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Dec. 6th, 2021

It is the first time I publish on this blog. The reason is that I have not consumed pornography for exactly 1,000 days today and I can say without fear of exaggeration that both Gary's study and his valuable advice have changed the course of my life. There is no shortage of testimonials of how good it feels when one is aware that he has achieved the reboot. Whether on a physical, mental or emotional level, I notice a radical change in my way of seeing and, above all, of living my own 'me'. I am not able, through my words, to convey the continuous feeling of 'human normality' that is somehow the goal of the Reboot. I would like to express what I live by thanking everyone who helped me throughout this career. Here I mean my friends O.K. and O.B. I tell Gary that I am one of the millions of people he has helped and will continue to help save us from the plague of the 21st century. You live among us individually, when we are aware--deep down within us--of the great evolution we went through, and in our conversations about how society sinks into this omnipresent danger and your genius to rescue us. Gary Wilson's work is a display of love, intellect, courage and perseverance. All of this, for me, amounts to immortality. With these humble lines I tell you, Gary, that you will always be present for us and for generations to come. Thanks very much buddy.