Anthony Middleton

Jun. 1st, 2021

I was in complete denial about my porn addiction for years. After struggling with addiction with drugs, alcohol and other obvious types of vices. I had the anti-porn people down as stuffy, dogmatic gatekeepers of sex itself and I carried a lot of negative preconceptions about them.

Gary's book changed all of that in one read. His science-based approach to the dangers of porn addiction helped me immediately see why my motivation had recently been shot, my romantic/intimate relationships more sterile and why I was full of so much self-loathing.

This is the very short story of course. Like many other men, I can't possible say in a few paragraphs how much this great man's work changed my life for the better. I'm incredibly saddened by his premature passing, but find deep inspiration from him knowing that you CAN make a difference if you fight the good fight with truth, passion and communicative writing.

Sending my best wishes and love to his family members and close friends. Gary has left behind a true legacy and I have no doubt that it will continue to change people's lives emotionally, physically and spiritually.