Mark Queppet

May. 23rd, 2021

Gary Wilson is the definition of a true hero.

He fought publicly, tenaciously, and effectively against a behemoth of a problem that most of society would rather sweep under the rug (or force it under the rug if necessary).

You do not win many social brownie points for going to war with pornography (trust me), but that's what Gary did - not for any financial benefit, but just because he believed it was right.

Personally, Gary is one of the major reasons I was able to quit porn way back in 2013 - not only did he provide a scientific explanation for horrible hole I found myself in, but he also showed me a way out.

This was one of the most fundamental shifts in my life and I can't even bear to imagine where I would be if I never quit porn.

As my personal profession switched to helping men quit porn as well, Gary was the trusted resource that I could always send guys to for the most up to date science (which was of unbelievable utility for helping guys quit).

He was also a role model to me in how to not back down in the face of disingenuous smears and backlash.

Gary was a stone cold boss and I looked up to him tremendously.

As a member of the anti-porn movement, I mourn the passing of a titan and commit to doing my part to honor and carry on his legacy.

But as a person, I mourn the loss of a genuine, humble, kind, and tremendously good man.

-Mark Queppet