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Mar. 1st, 2022


I used to fap 2-3 times a day in my teens. Due to Bullying at school and not caring parents at home, sticking to porn and fapping was the only high of my day for 7-8 years. And later I got addicted to dating and hook up sites, I am straight, but I got myself registered on Gay dating sites as well. And this is how I managed to ruin my 30s as well. In September 2020, I got to know about the Gary's book and since then I have never seen porn again. And from there started my journey to recovery.

I am intelligent and handsome. Because of PMO, I missed some of the most amazing opportunities in my life and also there missed dating some of the nicest girls. I was always looking forward to satisfy my fetish of what I saw in porn. I missed the good things in life.

Now, I am 32 and making sure to do the things I am supposed to do now. Thanks to Gary Wilson, my life would have never improved without him. I am not able to express in words what I am feeling.

About sex, I am doing great and it was never so good in my 20s. And I am not chasing fantasies, looking forward to build my life with one woman.

Thank you so much Gary Wilson. I am sure he is in heavens and happy to see us all succeed in life.