Brayden Robb

May. 23rd, 2021

It is with such profound sadness and grief to have recently discovered this true legend’s passing😩😭. I give my sincere Condolences to the fellow people and loved ones who knew Gary Wilson and to such an amazing man that is Gary Wilson and the wonderful man that he was and his amazing legacy he left behind, he left a deep positive imprint in my life aswell as so many others. I will deeply miss this wonderful human being who has helped millions around the world including myself. I truly enjoyed his book and currently reading it again because it’s that good and informative. This legendary man truly brought much knowledge to me and has made understanding of the topic of “Your Brain on Porn” very understandable and helpful to know just how detrimental pornography really is on the human brain. God Bless you Gary Wilson! Rest In Peace, and someday when I get there too, I want to thank you and shake your hand for all that you have provided in your extensive research and for creating the resources that you have which has helped and continues to do so to so many around the world, what a great legacy you have left for the world to get access to in order to learn about the harms of pornography addiction and break free from pornography. Thank you for all your amazing hard work in the fight against pornography! On behalf of all of us who are against pornography and it’s effects, we truly thank you for your hard work against the new digital age drug and we truly thank you for all that you have done, you made it very interesting to learn about it and its effects and I wouldn’t know where else to gain access to such highly informative, knowledgeable information about this issue if it wasn’t for your research and resources that I came across that you have done with such quality information and dedication in helping others. By far my favourite works of Gary Wilson is his legendary and iconic famous TedX Talks Video “The Great Porn Experiment” found on YouTube which I’ve watched numerous times because he details everything so well and makes it easy to understand the topic at large. This wonderful man is a true saint and a true public health legend that deserves to have won a reward for all his dedication in educating and helping people all over about this global issue that is Pornography and it’s harms. To all of those who have known Gary Wilson and were close to him, you are all truly blessed to have known him personally and have a relationship with him, it was one of my dreams and on my bucket list to have been able to contact him someday to thank him for his great work and perhaps meet him to have a conversation with him and share to him my personal testimony of how he has made a positive impact in my life. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had never discovered his famous TedX video on YouTube to learn more about how pornography harms and its effects on the brain, it was because of that video that inspired me to educate myself more on the issue of pornography especially through his famous website “YBOP (” and gain freedom from the menace of pornography, which thanks to Gary Wilson, I have successfully gained complete freedom from pornography, thank you so much Gary Wilson for all that you have done, I could not have done so without you.
Thank you Gary Wilson! Rest In Peace, and God Bless!

-Brayden Robb (22)
Winnipeg, MB, Canada