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Oct. 21st, 2021


I would like to offer Gary's family and all those who cared about him my deepest and most sincere condolences.

A few years ago, I was feeling awful due to my ex porn addiction. I did not really know who to talk to. I only knew Gary through his work, and also because I asked him a few weeks earlier if I could translate some of his (wonderful) researches. Nothing else. However, I decided to wrote to Gary.

I was feeling terrible, but Gary had no obligation to answer me. Yet, he responded to me very quickly. Then, Gary gave me some advices with a huge generosity. I could really see that Gary really wanted to help me in a genuine, and a generous way.

Also, when I asked him if I could translate a part of his work about porn addiction, he encouraged me to do so. Thanks to him, people in my country can now understand better why porn is dangerous and how porn addiction works. To be honest, I feel proud of being able to share Gary's amazing work.

Even though Gary and I didn't talk much, we had something that connected us: we both knew porn was dangerous and wanted to help people about it. Sometimes, looking at Gary's work, I was saying to myself: "the world is lucky to have someone so invested in this fight, sharing so much of his work for free.".

Finally, through his work, Gary helped me to understand better porn addiction on a scientific level, and therefore, I think I can help people better.

With caring thoughts,