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Vada Hedgeman

Oct. 7th, 2021

My name is Vada Hedgeman and I am a former atheist who became a Christian in his mid-twenties. My faith is the reason I wanted to stop watching porn and I hated the fact that I couldn’t stop. I just couldn’t. However this book ministered to me in a way that nothing else on the topic has. The practical speaking & data in the book ‘Your Brain on Porn’ changed me forever! I am so grateful. I actually did not know that Gary Wilson passed away this year. I was originally reaching out to see if I could interview him on my podcast and in doing research, I learned that he passed away. I just HAD to tell whoever will read this that Gary’s work has blessed me magnificent ways. I will always be grateful for this work and everything you all do.

I pray that you’re encouraged, comforted and don’t get weary in doing well! I know the book isn’t a Christian book and that’s okay. It’s still a book that has been used to make me a better man. God bless you all!!!