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Jul. 28th, 2021

Gary Wilson completely changed my life 100%. I had been addicted to internet porn for over 15 years (since I was 13--more than half my life!) before discovering YBOP (and especially his hour-long presentation on Youtube). Seeing all the research on the harms that pornography causes (many of which I saw in my own life and had no idea were caused by porn!) absolutely blew my mind. What affected me the most was learning that the reason why porn was so infernally hard to quit was because it is an addiction. I always thought the strong cravings etc. I got every time I tried to quit was because I was a pathetic weakling with no self-control, learning that they are just a natural response the brain gives to giving up any addiction honestly brought me to tears.

Gary gave me hope when before I had none, his work and the work of YBOP has affected me for the better more than any other person or organisation I can name. He will be deeply missed by me and I am certain by many other people too.