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Mar. 28th, 2022

Hallo there,
I will share with you, how Gary Bruce Wilson saved my lifed and changed it for better:

Until 12 years old, my life was very good, fun and joyful. I was very clever. I managed to solve complicated problems in video games and at school.
Everything started going down when I started with Porn, when i was 12 years old. . I was depressed, outsider, loser and bad student. I barely managed finishing school. I used to have panic attacks, strong sexual illusions and intimacy fear... I knew that something is wrong, because deep in my soul i believed, that i am different. Everytime after "session" i felt normal - think that porn is disgusting, women should be loved and respected as persons, not just sex dolls or something similar. This Porn damaged so much my brain, that i had fear, that i am sexual freak and my sexual taste is permanent. My taste turned into porn scenarios and disgusting expression of sexual desires. I went down the spiral so much, that everything was losing importance except

So i decided a to make a research and find solution for myself. I thank everyday to God that i managed to find and Gary Wilson's book. Than i started the NoFap system.

How i am now:
-Can study for hours
-I am the best at my company
-Starting own business company
-Doing multiple hobbies
-Chasing my dreams
-Everyday is like a new day (full of happiness and enjoyment)

I own everyone of the benefits to Gary Wilson and God.
I will continue to help and support other fallen to Porn brothers and sisters and spread the good work of Gary Wilson!

RIP Gary. My deepest Respect!