Lisa L Thompson

May. 23rd, 2021

As devasting as the news of Gary’s passing is to his friends and allies, I can only imagine the pain that his wife Marnia and son Arion must be feeling. I hope that the messages that have been shared here help bring you both comfort as you grieve the loss of a devoted husband and father.

There can be no doubt of the strength of Gary’s passion, intelligence, warmth, and fortitude. In the years since I got to know him, I’ve had the deepest respect for his work and honestly have been in awe of his encyclopedic knowledge on the harms of pornography. Time and time again, I have relied on his website as “the place” to get the right information. His work has truly empowered a movement and helped set untold numbers of people free from their pornography addictions. He helped and inspired so many of us involved in the fight to end sexual exploitation with his wisdom and wit and by serving as the watchman on the wall. With his passing the world has lost an incredibly special and irreplaceable individual.