May. 23rd, 2021

The Universe has a mysterious way of bringing healing to the suffering.

Gary's work gave me hope as I was stumbling in the darkness of ignorance and addiction. While the scientific community and doctors that I knew reaffirmed that there is nothing such as addiction to pornography, it was Gary's study and TED talk that made sense to me, and helped me understand my addiction.

It may seem but a vanity for the readers, but words can seldom convey the way this man's work touched my life, nay, brought me back to my life...We haven't met...Hell I have never been to your country! Yet this man's work turned out to be a torch light in the journey of my redemption. And I owe a great deal to this man's work for my recovery.

This man's work has done such a priceless service to the society. And his works shall be the guiding light to young people and millennials like me whose life was affected by addiction to pornography.

Please accept my prayers.

Your works and your efforts will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Gary.