May. 23rd, 2021

Gary, I'm already missing your presence! Thank you for being such a good friend, brilliant instructor, wise counsel, encouraging mentor, and fabulous example of living true to your beliefs. And... funny! You made me laugh!! You took me under your wing as a new graduate at AIM and helped me grow and believe in my own gift as an instructor. I could hardly believe you trusted me enough to hand me your courses to teach, but you did! I would never be who I am today without that mentorship at such a crucial moment in my growth. Thank you for so many hours of counsel and advice as Bryn and I were stepping into the big shoes of becoming school owners. Phew. We had your support and it meant everything to us.
Bryn and I were just reflecting on all the AIM graduates who never actually met you, but who know your name as the super smart guy who figured out how to teach Kinesiology in a brain-friendly way that everyone could handle, and as the Fascia Wizard who inspired such a significant part of the AIM curriculum. You're a great man with a brilliant mind, huge heart, and unassuming approach. May your example continue to inspire.