John Smith

Jul. 16th, 2022

Gary Wilson RIP you are my life saver and hero I wouldn't be the man I'm without you putting this information out there. I'm 32 I gained knowledge on this around 24 I slip up from time to time but I get up and move forward. Thankfully my symptoms weren't as bad as some of these people but I really see benefits in many aspects of life not just sexual this is the real deal!

I try to tell other man this and they all look at me like i got 10 heads and I'm crazy. They all think something wrong with me. They believe porn is normal if u don't watch it you are less of a man ! Let them think that one day I'll teach my son this stuff for sure and he better listen.

I'm so grateful that i stumbled upon this back when I was 24 I know this man influenced millions by putting the information out there . Words just cant describe ...